8 August 2016

After effects of lights out !!

Ghost movies I love  ! I believe when Good is there evil  is there as well . Watching ghost movies with a popcorn is what I just need . One water bottle also . Sorry :)

I know I get afraid but still I watch .

So I am not going to write the review . I hate writing reviews as well as reading .

I am going to  write the after effects of lights out !!

So I was bored at home , called Naveen to book tickets for me so that I will watch lights out and come back home . He tried in 4-5 theaters and it was full . At last I got one seat in the second row from the screen . Somewhat like sitting inside the screen but that's ok :)

I went to the theatre , got a butter pop corn and water bottle and the movie started ! I had one guy stamp my seat from the back so when the Diana ghost popped in I blasted him . That's it he kept his leg where it has to be . The movie got over in 88 minutes . There was no interval . To be honest it was more worse than watching a short film . Reached home at night .

I was not afraid , forgot the movie completely, because after the movie I shopped few clothes for Naveen because he never gets anything for himself . I have to go and get for him .

Had dinner , went to sleep . I normally switch off the lights and sleep but today had the orange bulb on . The full flat lost current at 1:45 am . Trust me , I saw Diana everywhere around the house . Before sleeping itself I kept the torch with me . I knew all these will happen . Like the bud, in the movie I slept with the torch on !

So that Diana doesn't come !

And now , Naveen asked me :Did your husband come back from the Qatar meeting ! ! Wtf !!!


  1. The fun wears out fast. Predictable stuff. Turn out the lights. The Party is over.

  2. I am afraid to watch ghost movies or read ghost books. I watched one Tamil ghost movie recently, upon the recommendation of SG who has commented above - Pisasu. That was nice, you should watch it. But it may not scare you enough!

    Destination Infinity

  3. Ha ha I saw pisasu. That movie looks like a cartoon for me . I normally don't watch much of Tamil movies . I don't like . Most of them are commercial or looks comical . Pisasu means that white dress girl who comes through that chimney with free shampooed hair :)


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