18 September 2016

Our onam

Trying my best to keep it short .

Onam for me is a festival of flowers , food and new dress . I remember drawing the designs for my class on the floor . Only designing was my job the rest my friends would do . Most of the times we have won . Roaming on the backyard for flowers and those small floral designs I make with my brother and sister .Those were the days , childhood .

After growing up its like preparing good food with all the love and eating . Do not wonder, I don't have a traditional Kerela saree . I don't like it .

My favorite part of onam is floral designs and the must be menu , Aviyal ( mouth watering )!!!

Posting few pictures of our onam celebration!

Any festival can be celebrated by anyone . Everyday is a celebration !

Always celebrate with the little you have , life would be happy !!


  1. lovely flower rangoli! so neat

  2. Beautiful pookkolams and the spread of selected items from the sadhya you must have prepared.Hope you had an enjoyable onam

    1. Thank you . Ya I made some Aviyal, vethakozhambu, they're and some kadugu mango pickle . A simple lunch !

  3. Short and sweet is your post... Compact and cute is your pookkalam... :)

  4. A very beautiful Mandala is it for me...

  5. Lovely pookkolam. Thanks for sharing the photos.


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