28 September 2016

Idols 2016

So before the Navarathri starts day after tomorrow thought of posting the new idols I bought for this year . Once the steps are set with decorations I will be posting a blog in detail .

Whenever I buy these idols I think my grandchildren's will say one day these are all the old idols which my grandma collected from India  ! Though I don't know where they will live or where i will be , I believe they will cherish all these !

I know I am thinking too much but still happens :) At times you should think too much and feel happy !

Arupadai veedu 




Murugan with valli deivanai 


Balambigai and krishna 

Samayapuram Mariyamman


  1. Beautiful Kolu Bommais. How many steps you make in your home for these Kolu Bommais?

    1. In my home town they keep 11 steps every year . Last time I kept 5 in Dubai and it came in the news paper :) I became a celebrity:)

      This year I am keeping 7 in chennai .


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