15 September 2016

Ayo Mahalayam

Every year I hear this word 'Mahalayam ' . Now , what is this ?First thing that hits my head is no onion and garlic for 15 days . How is that possible ? I love eating and doing something without garlic , onion and coriander is impossible . But , there are so many who ask can't we , just for 15 days . Actually no !

The situations matters a lot, where you live, what time you eat, do you depend on hotels or cook ,are you in a hurry . You can't say oh it's Mahalayam I won't eat onion and garlic !!! They would be like , that's at your home not here babe .

There are many things that I can't follow but this year as it's possible , I mean the situations are favoring  me I am thinking on following the ritual .

What I think ? My mom and dad will never tell me don't eat this, don't eat that . Did god tell you ? No .

But when it comes to rituals it's better not to dig on it too much . Follow if you can or else don't . Simple .

Thought of a sharing the story behind those 15 days .

The renowned hero of the Mahabharata, Karna, when he left the mortal coil, ascended to the higher worlds and the great charity he had done here was returned to him hundredfold. But, it was all gold and silver; there was no food, as he had not done any food-charity! He prayed to the god of death. So, he was sent back to earth for fourteen days, to make up for this deficiency.

For fourteen days, he fed Brahmins and the poor, and offered oblations of water. On his return to the higher regions, he had food in plenty. It is these fourteen days that are commemorated in the Mahalaya Paksha. Due to the grace of the god of death, it has been ordained that offerings made during this period benefit all the departed souls, whether they are connected to you or not.

Blessings !

I love Karnan ! I agree with him . Offerings are far better than living without onion and garlics:)

P.S - Believes differ for every human !

If I believe i do it properly or else I don't .



  1. As you said, it depends on individuals. You are correct. Nobody can force something on somebody. You said situation matters a lot. No it does not. No matter what the situation, if there is a will and belief, people will follow that. Muslim cricket players from many countries play 5 day test matches during Ramadan fasting observance.

    1. Thanks for taking time and posting your comments . Yes I have always wondered on th fasting part . I have never done fasting till date . Yea the mahalayam planning to follow this year as everything seems fine till now .Hopefully shall try next year as well , if all goes well . Will and belief is there but I will never break something in between . I either do it properly or never start . Sometimes good and sometimes bad :) this is my first mahalayam

  2. Lovely story. I wish you inner strength and good appetite...

  3. First Karnan.He is a very lovable character and much wronged man.But for the association with bad company out of a sense of gratitude,he would have surpassed all the Pandavas.
    Regarding Mahalayam,let me confessthat I am not a very religious person though I follow some rituals blindly and with shraddhai but without conviction.I follow the dietary restrictions on those days.But as SG put it ,it is all a matter of belief and family tradition and not sacrosanct! My children and their children cannot eat anything without liberal use of onion,garlic and other pungent masalas!!

    1. Thanks for your time . Yea karnan n ravanan I love . I am following it this time .lets see how it goes .


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