19 October 2016


Childhood hobbies ! Everybody would have definitely had a hobby . Whether you still collect them or not is with you !
So mine was collecting coins , stamps , feathers, car models, shells so many . I have been so active from my childhood and I still do all these . I have the habit of writing diaries too :) I used to collect fishes also . When the gushes deliver babies I exchange it and buy the fishes which I like . I still have 70 fishes in my house at Dubai .
Today I decided to open my old school bag and looked into my coin collection . Thought of taking a pic of few coins and posting it here .

I am still stuck in my childhood !

Did you like it ? What all were your hobbies ? Do you still continue ? So many question .

Anyhow bye for now !


  1. So you are a Numismatist. Cool. I collect miniature liquor bottles.

    1. I have a vague memory of my collecting top (pambaram) as a young boy of class three orbfour and my mother throwing in the well the entire collection when I secured possibly low marks ! Any hobby is good and children must be encouraged to have one or two

  2. Lovely comment . I too used to play pamparam with my brother . We had competitions and I was the only girl . I have green red and black chatai with me . Lol . Thanks for giving me the pamparam memories . I still have the lucky one with me . I used to chuthify it in my left Palm. Oh so many memories :)


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