22 October 2016

Funky monkey and the colored feather !

Few of my sketch art . These days it's funky colorful school days thoughts ! Happens , right ?

Hey funky monkey 
Don't hang around 
Your make up would vanish 
And your hair clip would fall off 
Listen to kili singing la la la 
And dance dub dub ! 

Oh beautiful ! 
Would you give me a feather? 
I promise I will keep it safe 
Between the pages of my book ! 


  1. Nice sketch and beautiful poem.

  2. Thank you ! I have planned to make the funky monkey to a rhyme !

  3. Simple and yet bewitching!I was wondering which of the two Is more beautiful but i failed to conclude as each one caught my fancy. Keep it up.

  4. Pretty colorful sketching! The multi-colored and designed feathers are eye-catching… the first one is cute along the verses


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