2 October 2016

2016 Navarathri

So here we go !

This is the bomma golu I set this year .

Top step is always dedicated to panchamuga hanuman , murugan and ambal.

Second step this yet has the arupadai veedu set

Third step has the nava graham set and few random gods

Fourth step has balambigai and krishna with chattiyar chattichi, kalasam and few other small idols

The last step is always dedicated to the varalakshmi and ashtalakshmi . I keep these  in the bottom step so that it will be easy to do data saraswathi pooja .

On the floor I have kept kacheri set , stage show. It's an induction stove box I converted to a stage by sticking red velvet paper :)

On the side, I kept two steps

Top has the ardhanari with karthigai pengal.

Bottom step has some random dolls . I named them the twin step !!

I kept a small park , farm and some fishes in a bowl so that I kids can enjoy watching it .

Hope you all liked it . Let me know what you liked the most ?


  1. Awesome.. I liked the lord Krishna bomai and the park..:-)

  2. Nothing without lord Krishna ! Park is a must :) thank you

  3. My grandmother have been arranging golu for last 5-6 years, but this year due to grandfather’s demise she’s not making an arrange.

    You really arranged pretty neat golu, and I liked the kacheeri set by women idols :)

    1. Oh that's sweet thank you . Ya the kacheri set I have never seen in any houses , so I bought it . I wanted to have different sets in my house .

  4. A pretty golu at once traditional and modern.
    Happy navarathri

  5. Beautiful golu arrangements. What kind of sundal today for neivedhyam?

    1. Thank you and today it's chick peas chundal prasadham

  6. I liked the entire setup. In particular, the umbrella at the top, Krishna statue, and the five women at the bottom performing kacheri stood out for me.

    Destination Infinity

    1. The umbrella was a single piece in the shop and the aunties were waiting for me to keep it down but I bought it . It's made of velvet . The kacheri set Yaaa that's a new addition . Have not seen in many houses . Always wanted different so got it for 2016 . Thanks for letting know what you feel about the golu


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