26 October 2016

Daughter- in - law 's !

So this is for all the daughter in laws out there who have a lovely mother in law and a more lovely mother in law . I had thoughts of this post for a long time but never got a reason or time . I had to think so much before writing this , because this is a very sensitive relationship.
So here we go , few girls have their parents , few don't have both , few have any one of the parent , few would have but parents would be separated , so there are so many situations and so many issues .
I basically want to make it short and write just a little . Few things that I have learned in my life are below . This is a must to be followed . But , before I start I must say , if you have an understanding husband there is nothing else you would need in this world and I have that one kind of a man with me ! !

Few things that you can follow to avoid problems at home .

1. Never tell to your mother in law what is happening in your house . If it's something good, that's fine . But don't complain about your parents, relatives , cousins anybody . It will come back to you one day . There are chances she tells , you don't go to your house . So , save your people !
2. Never interfere in the finance part . Though you know how much money your husband sends her or it might be even you , never give it with your hand . She might tell you enjoy all the money my son earns and you are the decision maker .So don't get into this mess !
3. If you live abroad, whenever you call her ask about her sisters/ brothers .Because for her only after her sisters and brothers her son , daughter in law, husband etc comes to picture . Don't expect her to enquire about people at your  home :)
4. Whenever you see her , buy something for her , at least few apples .Never go empty handed .
5. Just listen to whatever she says , it's up to you whether you take it to your world or not , but yea listen with a smile !

These are the simplest 5 points that I feel can be maintained . Few might like it , and others would say I am a bad daughter in law but I don't mind . There will definitely be someone who would have felt the same .

The best part is believe your husband, he knows her better than you . At least for a minimum of 25 years he would have been with her . Never ignore his words ( only if your husband is one kind of as I told ) the rest I don't know .

I wish you all have a great mother in law and you all live a happy life .

Too much of anything is not good !!


  1. I am not commenting since this post is addressed to women. I had a smile reading your item number 5. Listen with a smile but do whatever you want to do. In USA that smile is called "grin fxxk".

  2. You are fortunate in having an understanding husband and not the one who advises his wife 'to adjust' as most young women have!Nevertheless the tips you have given might keep the relationship from getting frosty.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks for your valuable comment . Yea not all have an understanding husband , but even if he doesn't understand I won't blame him, that's because he loves his mom more and had not come to the new world ! But yes, I am lucky in that case . My husband is a king of relationships ! I wrote this because I see many of friends going through so many issues . Probably this would help them . To be maintained by me as well:)


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