Childhood Memory ...

When i saw the largest aquarium, the first thing that popped into my head is the aquarium which i saw for the  first time ever in my life and how beautiful  i felt that day .I felt like swimming even when i was sleeping at night..That aquarium which i saw in my home town was the biggest surprise and aww .It is situated near malampuzha dam .I still remember the rope car ride and the full day of enjoyment eating pop corn.
Adding some pictures of the aquarium which i visited when i was a kid and the one which i visited recently .

During day 
During nigt @ Malampuzha

@ Dubai Mall 

I Always cherish my child hood days !


  1. Childhood is everything. Nice photos, and best wishes!

  2. wow! this looks so amazing! thanks for sharing the pics :)

  3. ohh thats still there @ Malampuzha?!!

    1. Ya it's there ...I even took my husband there.

  4. Looks amazing might have to visit someday ! happy blogging:)

  5. I love aquariums and this one is beautiful in Dubai.....the fish is cute too

    1. Yea Kim they are beautiful .fishes are always lucky for me
      I have 70 fishes in my home aquarium ❤️and I love them


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