24 July 2015

First Pastels

Oil pastels I loved it .I never knew that oil pastel painting would be such beautiful and easy to stroke.Its just that we have to know how to hold it and sketch.As I am a beginner I first checked YouTube and learnt how to paint simple ones.I had some canvas boards with me but as I am trying pastels for the first time thought to do it with normal drawing paper.I really wanted to draw a fish or a bird but thought it would be difficult and started with a big tree like a grade one child does in drawing period .Then I tried some scenary,mermaid,Radha Krishna,flowers ,a dark night and so on.The pictures have come out well ,not bad .I am planning to draw a beach , butterfly , boat and continue with my work.I don't know what to do with all the boards so I have decided to take it to my home town , frame it and hang .

Planning to gift some for my close friends ! 

Posting a cartoon and pencil sketch as well .

As I said painting is a beautiful language.You have to paint to know how it feels .

Colouful Field

Why mermaids are topless? :))

Some faces:)

Radha & Krishna

The Tree


  1. Great stuff indeed. Greetings!

  2. Nimble fingers you seem to have. Keep at it! :)

  3. well, you given me an idea, i must try oil pastels

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog
      Do try it's awesome

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