19 July 2015


Eid  in Dubai is always an exciting time. Dubai, the city that never sleeps, is full of fun and excitement activities to indulge into during the Eid holidays .I would say people should visit Dubai during this period.The festival of food, colors, aromas,sales (eeee) goes on.The three days off was well spent roaming .It was a difficult task to reach Dubai from my home.Open the window anytime and its traffic all time .The first thing that I did was trying three different hotels . Should say that it was damn crowded but had some yummy food so that I can get some more energy to roam around.I couldn't find anybody sitting alone an eating .They have come with their families .The small babies were asleep.Look at any shop it was all about sale and crowd .I managed to peep in and buy some t shirts ,story books ,some fabric colors and some lipstick :)There were different cultural dance shows going on , Poster exhibitions,singing goes on  .So for me it was all about going out and roam as much as I can .I missed my sleep but once in a while that's ok . The perfumes wow ...every corner people were busy taking selfies with friends and families .I saw few people taking videos as well,guess they were tourists .Anyhow they have been in Dubai at the right time .I saw many Arabic movies getting released and people buying tickets .So,that's all I remember ..
A special thanks to the metro service which we had till 2:00 AM.

Hope you all had a great Eid too.
The month of fasting, charity, and gratitude is over for now .

Waiting for new year ! The fireworks :)


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