4 July 2015


I am having this feeling for a long time .Should  I be in Facebook or not ? 
I feel like spending the whole day in fb and what's app .I couldn't feel anything interesting  .Just few updates ,photos,dub smash,trailers,some news and some advice.I feel like seeing the same thing again and again .I have so much of work to do but still I feel to see what's the new story showing up.
Few days back I deactivated fb for two days and the peace I had in my life was superb but then, my friend called me asking hey ! Did you see fb I have posted some pics .I logged in again .This is happening for a long time now .
I don't upload much pics or do a status  update but, still I have to keep scrolling the page .I thought why should I make a sandwich inside my head  ?I knew that it's a disease so I decided to quit fb  for now 😝 
Only what's app and I love it except forward messages πŸ˜›

I hate writing long stories ...tried my best to keep it short ..


  1. Good that you deactivated fb account. It really gets annoying at times. And when you that your work is suffering because of it.. then you made the right decision by quitting it.. Count the number of days you're able to keep off from it..

    I liked your post. Short and simple.. :)


  2. I think there’s nothing to do more than half an hour on face book. But I keep checking the updates ones or twice a day whether I update or not. Blog is the only place i am quite active.

    1. Actually that half an hour I also waste of one I believe πŸ˜‚thanks for visiting my blog .I went thru your blog and it's amazing

  3. I have found it working better in limits. FB and other social media can really eat up your time and you wont even know. And then you figure out you haven't done anything

  4. I have gone through this too... The best way is to control your mind... Tell yourself that you cant spend time on it... Or by allocating fixed time for that... believe me, you will feel transformed!

  5. Hello,

    Interesting post. All of us go through this dilemma some time or the other. Sometimes I get so engrossed in fb that I neglect my blog and vice versa. I stopped blogging for more than a year and now I started blogging again. Again I tend to lag in blogging because I am spending too much time in fb. Now I have decided to keep one day for blogging and one day for fb. and spend only a couple of hours each day on them.

    Both fb and blogging are ways to keep in touch with our friends and see what they are writing.

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Joseph,thanks for visiting my blog and commenting .I have successfully quit FB now and I am in peace 😁
      I am happy with what's app and blog .
      Best wishes to you too.

  6. all these platforms are good as long as we know when to switch on n off


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