14 July 2015

Just a working man

This morning while drinking Horlicks my head thought how does it feel for an ordinary man to go for work and save the family till the end of his  life .It seems to be nice when we see from outside but it's real hardship they go through.

There are two sides for a coin like wise here also .Just writing one side of it !

I am not sure whether I can portray what they feel but just putting in some of my views .

Firstly what came to my head is -BOYS hate COMPARISM !

Their life would be happy till 10 th or 11 th grade ,playing cricket ,roaming around the clock.A father who shouts all time an a mother who supports him .All his wishes have succeeded by the help of his mother....there is a saying mothers support son and fathers support daughters ! Ha ha ..

From 12 th grade his life starts .
Don't roam around here and there without studying .Sit and study !
Questions arised -when is your final exams ? Which group are you going to study ? Will you be doing post graduation ? Etc etc

Bugging a person with all these itself is pathetic I would say .

Now the result comes .The first statement. If you would have not roamed could have got more marks .Look at Naveen  eventhough he roamed and played with you he scored more marks .I would say marks doesn't matter  .I was an average student but then I was the first to get a job in my batch .Differs in others life .

Now he selects a bachelors degree course and has a happy life at college .Hope you all know how it would be .The most memorable days of life .

Next question -Do you have campus interviews ? You will get placed with good salary right ?
Now the real tension starts .Will I get a job with sufficient salary ? Will I be able to take care of my family ? Will I be able to live for my self ?

He completes college and might get a job ! If he gets its wow or else that's it .He will get to know the real world !!!

In my opinion I would say getting a job is not a big deal .What you do with that job matters ? Are you really happy with what you do ? Or you just earn to save your family ? Most of them fall in the second line .

Not every guy gets a job which he wanted to do and that is the worst feeling ever .For all who have succeeded in doing what they wanted a big kudos !

Then comes the salary part .. Searching another job ..roaming with file to each and every company .

His life goes on like that

In between of all these he would have got married having kids and probably 30+  in life .

He keeps thinking how will I keep my family happy ? He always wants others to be happy

Does he really do what he wanted ?
Did he buy anything for himself ?
How does he went off his feelings ?
Does he cry ?

It's difficult to be a boy ! Each and every boy is precious !Let them live for themselves .

Take care of them  ! They do have dreams ...

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