28 May 2016


So today evening I played  basketball . If my memories are correct I played with my school friends long time ago ! Probably during PT period. While few were playing shuttle I spent some time with the basketball . Though I don't know much about it , I knew to grow taller it helps a lot . Not sure whether I will grow tall at the age of 27 :) !! ! Probably I should let my kids play so that at least they grow taller !
I have read that the tallest in the NBA history was Margo dydek who was 7 ft  2 inc and currently it's Sim Bhullar who is 7 ft 5 inc . The shortest ever to play was Muggsy_Bogues who was 5 ft 3 inc .

I am exactly 5 ft , shorter in the history ever isn't it ?  ...Lol :)))Not bad ??


  1. There is a tie for the tallest NBA Basketball Player. Gheorghe Muresan is 7’7” and played for Washington Bullets and New Jersey Nets. Manute Bol, also 7’7” played for several teams.


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