9 May 2016


It's been a while since I wrote here . I was on vacation to one of the beautiful place 'Georgia'. So my vacation started with an orange trolley full of jeans , shoes , socks shirts and a sweater , few moisturizers as well because it's cold over there . Once we boarded the flight from Dubai we had the feeling of traveling in a local bus back in India . Most of them were tourists . The flight took off with claps and whistles . We had few open the bottles and few playing cards . We landed at Tbilisi and it was freaking cold . It was late night so we directly went to the citrus hotel and slept off . Next day morning we had the bus at 10 , the guide Tornike was so cute with blue eyes and we had an old driver as well . When I asked Tornike are you not feeling cold he said 'sometimes ' I am a Georgian . We had breakfast and moved to the old Tbilisi and meydan. We got to see a beautiful church over there and few guys were singing with their guitars . Had some lovely time with them . Took some beautiful pics and moved to the glass bridges of peace , Saint trinity church . I loved the glass bridge . Could capture many beautiful pictures . We dint buy anything there . We moved to Rustaveli avenue , turtle lake and the Liberty square . The turtle lake was awesome . I bought some key chains there and saw many on boating . We managed to get in a hotel and have some food . I saw the solar clock and took few pics. Mount Mtatsminda was the best . I saw beautiful waterfalls and some bridges . Bought few fresh salads and Cappuccino . I bought a clock , and few caps from there . I loved all the churches in Georgia .We went for a walk at night to liberty square but most of the shops were closed as it was Easter week .
The next day was a day full of travel .We left for a drive to the Georgian military highway , Khevi province,the heart of the country , known for its severe nature and architectural monuments . We visited the Ananuri architectural complex as well . I couldn't take my eyes off . Here I bought few antique mirrors , few chains , a bell and few magnets to stick at my home . I loved the Georgian magnets .Arrive in Kazbegi – a small town with the views of Mt. Kazbek - the seventh highest peak in the Caucasus Mountains. Hike up to Gergeti Tsminda Sameba Church XIV c. Drive further ahead to Gudauri, enjoy scenic beauty  and snow ski resort .This place is unforgettable . Each had to pay 20 Lary to go up the mountain in a car . Those roads were almost wet and muddy . It was so freaking cold that my nose turned red and I was frozen . I had to buy some gloves and I got it for 10 Lary . A black pair of gloves .We took some beautiful pictures there and returned back to Tbilisi and proceeded for dinner in an Indian restaurant.We should be thankful because the restaurant was kept open for us . I blessed them after having dinner . I had some roti with dhal and some rice . On the third day we went for some shopping after vacating the room 803 and left for shopping . I bought  few dolls, bags, ornaments and a shades as well .
Returned back Dubai with few bottle of Georgian wines and lots of memories  😍
That was an awesome trip ! 


  1. Sounds like a great trip. Share some pics. :)

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment ! This trip to Georgia inspired me to write a travel blog and I will sharing the details here soon .I will be posting the pics as well . Do support my travel blog as well.

    2. Hello , good morning ! I have shared my pics of Georgia on my travel blog and the link is http://inthebothv.blogspot.ae/?m=0
      Do support my travel blog as well !



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