26 May 2016

Cartoons !

I don't waste my time watching tv . I watch tv probably in the evening while having a cup of coffee . Some days it's really boring that I switch on the tv early in the morning . I watch few handpicked songs and few programs on travel.
Today ,the whole day I saw Disney channel and I loved watching it . I saw few series like Jessie , dog with a blog , miraculous, violetta and few cartoons. Dog with a blog ! Interesting name isn't it ? Was funny . In between I tried watching animal planet but then couldn't . I really wanted to see Disney !
The small little cute girl in me is wandering today !!! Loving it ! Wish I was a baby who used to bite strawberries with a single teeth and watch cartoons !

Do you love watching cartoons and remember your childhood days ! Wish we all went back to the good old days at our home . Isn't it ??? 


  1. I have never watched cartoons as a child.. And I dont feel like watching one now... Glad that you enjoy(ed)

    1. 0mg ! Then what did u watch when u wer small ? I wonder


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