24 May 2016

Kia loves Sia

Kia and Sia  were two sisters who lived in a small village in a brick house . Kia was 7 years elder than Sia .She loved Sia so much from her younger days  . She remembers going to the hospital when Sia was born . Sia was looking very cute with little hair and a mole in her nose . Kia used to take care of her when their mummy does work at home .
One fine day their mum and dad passed away and Sia and Kia was left alone . Kia tried to leave her sister in their relatives house and go for studies . She did that and one day she noticed Sia picking cigarettes and cleaning their house . Kia couldn't resist and took Sia away from there and she moved her to an other uncles house . There too Sia went through so many problems and moved back to  another place . All these time Kia was with Sia . Kia did few small jobs for money and studied as well . Kia dint have money even to eat but whatever she had she used it for Sia and her happiness .
Sia was in her uncles house doing her high school . Kia had to go for work because she has to do everything for Sia . Kia had to take care of herself as well as Sia because Kia knew that nobody would help them .
But , slowly Sia stopped talking to Kia . Only if Kia calls she talks and she answers for the questions asked . Sia never enquired how Kia was . Kia felt vary bad , she thought alright she is only in her 20s and she is still a kid so she doesn't know the world . Kia never knew the reason behind . Is that hate ? If so why ? Did anyone tell bad about Kia to her ? Or Sia thinks Kia dint do anything for her ? Nobody knows .
In between of all these Kia still does everything for Sia and she is waiting for the day or Sia to realize that she will only have her sister and nobody else . Kia never expected her sister would end up like this . But whatever hope Kia keeps doing good and one day she will find her cute lovely sister .
Kia is always filled with old memories and wants her sister back .
Kia feels bad when Sia talks well to all but not to her .

Kia decided not to talk much or try to tell her what all happened and how much she loves her . Kia feels let's stop talking and keep doing whatever she needs . Let she talk when she feels to talk to Kia . Kia ended up thinking the more she talks to Sia the more Sia goes far away ...
To be continued ....

What do u all think ?

Was Kia correct ? What is she supposed to do ?

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