20 May 2016


Lipsticks I love them . I don't use much of cosmetics, I love being with a clear face but yes lipsticks I use them when I am out .
I see many of my friends wearing the red lipstick and I don't know why I have never felt to wear a red one . Like the pink I hate red as well . I don't have anything in red and pink .
I love brown and orange shades . When I was in college it was normal but these days people ask me every girl loves red and pink why don't you ? It's just that I don't !

Most of them tell me you are the only girl we have met who doesn't like red and pink ! I feel like don't paint me red please !! Who else doesn't like pink and red ? Post in your views !


  1. I like to see them on others... But not on me, I guess...
    Yet, someday I would love to try it...
    Whats harm in trying!!!

  2. I hate pink..
    What's you thought on Aishwarya's Lilac ? I wanna try that out. #newtrendinlipsitck

    1. I bought a lilac long time back , dint like so have it to someone who liked it !


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