20 May 2016

Remember !

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now in my life
There have been days when I dint have a pair of good shoes ,
A set of good dresses,
A plate full off rice ,
A purse with few coins ,
And what not !
But today ,
I have a life abroad ,
I have a little money,
I go and buy rice ,
I have 8 pair of shoes
And many good dresses.
I have four wallets
I have a blessed life
And I am happy with it
The only good I can do with all these is helping others who don't have these !
I guess one day they will also have what I have today !

If I can't even do this then what is the use and meaning of all the hardships I went through!

Never forget your past ! The day you forget your past you are no more alive ! 


  1. Well said... We should never forget our past... So happy for you dear!

  2. thoughtful, beautifully penned
    never forget the past ,help the others

  3. we didn't always have food...i am thankful each and every day for all my blessings!!!! it's nice to be reminded!!!

  4. As a child whenever I didn't get anything, I used cry. As I grew up and start analysing people around me; I did not complain about what I don't have. I just kept in mind whatever I get, there are many poor will not have that. I keep myself contented and help others.

    1. That's nice and a great message indeed . Thanks for posting in your comments

  5. You sound like a thankful person, and I read one time that grateful people are the happiest people. I believe it.



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