18 May 2016

Peace be with you !

Thought of writing something about me ! How I changed myself ! I am a short tempered girl . I started living alone from the age of 14 . You got to ask my friends how many oranges have become juices , how many mobiles I have broken , how many times I have cried and how many days I have starved . I lost my parents when I was very young . I was left alone with a 10 year old brother and 4 year old sister . So you know how I would have been !
The extra care and fear of loosing people in life ! I always made sure that whether I have or not I get everything done for my dear ones .
I only had friends with me , only friends .They have loved me even when I was not lovable .
People wanted me only for money ! I still paid so much though I dint have even for my room rent and food .

But today , I am married to the man of patience , my brother has a job abroad and my sister is still studying .

The one thing I changed is myself ! I realized that people love seeing me angry and talking about me . I stopped talking to them . I started avoiding their what's app messaging . I don't have them in my Facebook friends list . I don't go to their houses . I don't let them know what I do because I never want to know what happens in their life . I switch off my phone and sleep at night . I just ignore them .

I must say that more you stop talking to a person the more in peace you are . The more you keep calm the more healthier you are .

The worst part in me is I can never forgive someone who hurts me . I feel myself bad about it but my friends say that's something they love in me .

So for now , I eat , do my work , I sleep . Many don't even know where am I and what I do . I am happy with this life and I don't want many to stand for me . Even if it's one person who stands with love I am happy with it .

Be calm and stay happy , your anger kills you and entertains others ! The world is like that .
Before people avoid you , you got to do it and that's what I did .

The more you maintain your limits you live your life happy .

Live a life and show them !

P.S - Still if people say they hate you and look for what's happening in your life - they are your 'biggest fan' ! Thank them . Lol !!


  1. Great insight into your life.

    1. Thanks a lot ! Your comment means a lot . Keep visiting my page
      Take care rajesh

  2. Your post hit home for me, as I am disappointed in some of the people in my life. But we must always try to forgive, my friend. We don't want people stealing our joy and peace. I would love it if you would follow us, and I would certainly come back and follow you as well. I was wondering, where you came across our blog? You have a lovely blog. Peace be with you too.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Thanks for taking sometime to post in a detail comment . Take care and God bless you with all good !


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