5 July 2016

Astrology .

Thought of writing something about astrology . How many of you believe in it ?

We go to an astrologer only when our time is bad , like praying God .

Few points I believe in.

I won't say I don't believe in it . If I get a chance probably I would ask how things are . Good to know that's it .But my ancestors did believe in it .

My parents dint believe in it , they dint look into every aspect. They loved each other , got married . I still find many saying it's because they got married without beliefs their life ended in tragedy . I strongly disagree .

I believe , live everyday . Add life to your days not days to your life . I don't even have that so called jadhagam. I married someone younger to me . I believe you love each other live your life and move on . Whatever comes good or bad accept it and cross the bridge .

P.S -People and opinions differ !

What do you guys say ?  Do you have any experiences . 


  1. Their life ended in tragedy. Is this an example or did it really happen to your parents. If it is true, I am extremely sorry.

    I have a story here. A guy goes to an astrologer. The astrologer looks at his horoscope and says you have a bad time for the next 3 years. The guys asks: then after 3 years?. The astrologer replied: You will get used to the bad time.

    1. Yes the tragedy is true . Nice story . Have heard .

  2. I don't believe in astrology, fortune tellers, or pre-destination. I truly believe that I am in control of my life. I think that the mind is powerful and that our thinking directs us. I believe that you are/experience what you think about all the time. So I try to expect good health, happiness and abundance. So far it's working. Bumps in the road? Of course. I suffer over the loss of a loved one, but like you said, "Fill that vacancy with something beautiful". My car needs to be fixed. Of course. It's a machine. These are not problems. They are bumps in the road.

    1. I loved your comment . Thank you . I read it to my husband and he appreciates your valuable comment . Take care ;)

  3. I don't believe in it, I have to say.

    Have a great week,

    P.S.: Thanks for leaving such nice comment on my recent post!

  4. either events and happenings can be related or called coincidental or brought under karma theory... at the end of the day.. we live it.. but yea it would be an experience to go to a professional astrologer just to get a feel of it :) ... thats what i feel


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