27 July 2016


Thought of writing about food .
Food is everything , that's why we work hard . We eat and feed our families as well .

At the age of 15 I had to live my life alone . I had to stay out and earn for myself and my siblings .

I started doing small time jobs . You name it and most of them I would have done . I had to stay with the worst of humans . I go for work at nights because I get extra paid . I kind off sleep in the afternoon .

I eat my breakfast at 12 pm, lunch at 6 pm and dinner at 2 am .

 My only food was noodles and carbonated drinks . I can't cook the noodles because I dint have a stove or we were not allowed to cook in the place where we stayed . So cut the noodles packet  , pour some hot water and the powder in it and keep it closed . It would be cooked after some time .

So going through all these ,what did I learn ?

1. I stopped drinking carbonated , I drink only home made fresh juices . I got one of the best juicer .
2. I don't eat junk such as pizza , chat masalas, sandwich , packed chips such as lays, Pringles etc
3. I don't eat chocolates and ice creams . This is because I wanted to keep my insulin levels good .
4. I don't drink Horlicks,boost, viva, complan or any such because it has added sugar .
5. I don't use any of the frozen vegetables, peas, corns etc
6. I don't drink cold water , just because I like normal water

So what do I eat ?

1. I eat all the vegetables , cereal, nuts and fruits .
2. I drink so much of tender coconut in empty stomach
3. I drink coffee/ tea  without sugar , Naveen makes it for me ;)
4. I love eating anything in green
5. I drink fresh juices

You never know the value of food until you don't get it or you get into some health issues . An old saying ' Health is wealth ' .

I believe I will lead my life this way and definitely teach my kids to prepare home made food . I want them to stay healthy and live a long life .

The love for food and life , Naveen got me a house with so much of space . I told him once my wish is watering plants and seeing the garden full when we grow old and we I shall make good food for you .

What's more in life than eating good food !

'Add some love in whatever you cook '

' A man who loves eating will love everything in you '

So eat well , stay healthy !

Teach others how to cook if you get a chance . It will help them at some point of time in their life .

Love food !! God bless


  1. May be you should write an autobiography.

    1. Ha ha yea one day for sure ,looking at the content itself people will throw the book .lol :) but ya one day I will definitely write . And send u the book name

    2. And the book name would be ' True story of 3 kids'

  2. Kool. Looking forward to read this book. If you are serious about writing a book, then please register this title (True Story of 3 Kids) so no one else can use this.


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