25 July 2016

How much !

I had a skype call with someone you don't know last night .

He was so much into troubles with his family . He has never done anything for himself to my knowledge . He won't even buy new clothes . He buys for others and say you all be happy and that's my happiness . He lost his dad when he was young . He takes care of his mother, wife and educated his brother . His brother dint get a job because of few health issues .He was totally upset, it was his dream and he couldn't study and that's why he educated his brother but that dint go well . So all together he needs only peace and happiness for now in his life .
He is the man of patience I would say .

Last night he had to send some money to his home for all the needs .
When he called me I asked him

How many lakhs you sent !!! ( this was for fun ) 

He was like a bright smile and Shilpa please tell that once again . It's nice to hear .

I told this line nearly 5 times !

He was like I wish this happens in my life for real .

I wish he saves some money for himself and stay in peace !! Wish God doesn't give him more problems .


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1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If they don’t pick up your call that mean they have something more important to atten...