21 July 2016

Small world

The world is so small at times ! I get this feeling when I meet people after years .
We were 5 staying in a same house in 2008 . We 5 were very good friends . I was the youngest among all and I was like their little sister . There is so much of memories associated with that house . Even now when I go India Naveen takes me to see that old house . Those memories ;)Though I was the youngest its me who got married first . All the 5 are settled abroad . All together a different life . We have never met after 2010 .
Few days before I got to see one of my room mate and got to know she stays next to my house back in India . I was super happy . We got back again and it was like , hi this is my husband , my mil etc etc .
Seemed to be funny for us but yea we are getting old and life changes .
Cherish it !!! Loving my neighbor
Loving my old room mate more !!

I have less friends but good ones and that's enough for me ! Peace ;)

The world is so small !! 


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