23 July 2016


I never talk about my failures because I don't like talking my past.Only very close ones of mine know about it . But today I thought of writing how I see failures in my life.

What do I do when I  face failure ?

Failure comes in different ways , for some like me it's always failures I meet first , for some its failure at once . So you can't actually talk about the intensity of it .

The first thing I do when I fail is I stand in front of a mirror and cry . I see my eyes turning red and nose getting pink . My eyes get filled with a pool of water that doesn't drop out . I never blink , I just look into the mirror and ask myself did you fail ? Why did you ? Should you fail ? You should not . Get up and think what's next ?

I am thankful for all the failures I saw in my life . I know I am getting stronger every time I cry . Those tears have helped me a lot to succeed or think what can be done next .

Failure is an important factor of life . You must see failures and get to know how it feels . Only you can go through it and nobody else . Nobody can understand you .

Always remember ,

Success is the worst teacher in the world . If you see only success you won't end up well when you see failure

But ,

Failure is the best teacher.

The more you are scared of failure, at least you will try to overcome the difficulties you have . You must get hit by failure in life and always expect it any time  .

I hate so much that you don't see failure in your life ! You can't take it.I always want to see people win .

The fear of failure leads you to success . Have that fear always .

I can never fail at any cost , I always make sure I do my best , not to fail

Failures make you a new person the world will see !

I will always wear that invisible crown ! 

I will never pass on my success to anyone.It's mine ! 

P.S - I have a bigger mirror at my home to see me cry as well as smile :) 


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