2 July 2016

Own it !

“Failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night.”

This is something I learned in life . Failures are only events , nothing more than that . It's happened and you can't change it . You have to see what should be done next .

It might be a long process , so much of wait but think of the happiest moments that will come back to you . You will be a winner !

There is nothing more you can do than trusting yourself . Believe ! that's the best you can do . Nothing will happen to you .

The happiness you get after each and every small success is immense . You have to feel it to know the real truth .

Nothing worth having comes easy in life and if something comes easy it will not stay with you .

Own your success ! 


  1. As Lance Armstrong, a professional road racing cyclist and 7 times winner of Tour de France, said "pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever".

  2. Very true! Things we achieve after long wait has a special value and we don’t have a mind to lose it easily


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