22 July 2016

The best day !

This day can't be more better .

I always believe rather than porking your nose into others life doing good is far better . At least you will have a peaceful life .

Before I start writing let me explain few things so that you understand . I am trying my best to write it simple .

This is a holy month for us .We all pray goddess during this month and offer clothes , flowers, bangles . These are the all time items . Depending on how rich you are you can do whatever you want . So that's how it works .

I decided to go to that Durga temple and offer 21 plate of items to old ladies . Because I believe the blessings of old are always needed in life . I wore an ivory color saree with a pink blouse and left . I offered betel leafs, turmeric pieces , paku or supari, little flowers and few clothes . I dint keep money on it because money is not everything . This was my plate of items !

So this is how the day started , I stepped out of my house and an elderly man asked me money for eating and I gave him . He blessed me .

Then I went to the bangle shop to buy bangles . It's a old Muslim uncles shop which many people normally don't go , but I always buy from him only . I bought the bangles and wore it there itself . My aunt told she always comes to your shop only don't know why , she likes you . He said she likes me because I sell for the right prize and I don't do lie to customers which is true .
He told my aunt whichever bangles she buys is all good . I have seen this girl many times in this shop and whatever she does looks great . Few people are created by God with all good ! ! I took it as a compliment , that old man won't lie .

Once i entered the temple it started raining . I bought a huge rose garland for the goddess and was shocked to see my garland was the only garland the goddess had . I was happy .

I started distributing the plates .
You won't believe , I had a queue formed with so many ladies and I was left with 21 plates . I told my aunt to buy few more things and come back . I never expected that queue .

This is all they blessed me with .

You look so young , got married so early ? Very cute .

It seems like seeing goddess itself
Stay blessed

I wish I had a daughter in law who works so fast like you . Sorry to that dil :) lol

You are doing a great job at this young age . God bless you .

Lucky guy whoever has married you :)
I told this 10000000 times to Naveen for the whole day , Atlast he said yes and went to sleep ;)

The best was ,

Whatever problems you have and whatever you have come for will happen !!! I cried right there .

What more do you need in life ! This is called life . Life is all about love and giving . I understood it at a young age !


  1. Good. Were you celebrating Aadi Friday?

    1. Not because of adi Friday . What I did happened to be a Friday . Everyday is a good day if we do good to others :)

  2. Well said... A sweet post !!


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