3 July 2016

Onions ! Oh no !

How many of you cut onions ?
Is there anybody whose eyes doesn't cry while cutting ?

I never cut onions , Naveen does it for me always . I hate cutting onions .

Wish there was something to wear on eyes before cutting an onion so that my eyes doesn't cry .

Few told if you soak the onion in water and then cut it you won't get tears . I don't believe in it . If an onion is soaked in water it gets bad .

But there is nothing interesting without an onion in South Indian dishes . Anyhow , trying to find a way out .

If you have any ideas do post in and help me with these onions :)

I don't want my eyes and nose to cry :(


  1. Why bother? You have trained Naveen very well.

    1. Me and Naveen loved your comment . He had a weird smile might be because you told the truth :) . No actually he tells at my home , she should not get tears because of an onion see how I take care of your daughter :) what more can my people at home say .They will be like yes maplai !! Correct . Black skin white heart !

    2. When he is there it's fine but at times on vacations I am forced to cut onions . Should find a way for that !! :(

  2. for me onion trigger tear even if i stay in the room where it was cut... they used to say putting onion in water keeps away tear, but it never happens.

    1. That's the same for me as well . Thanks for ur comment here . Take care .

  3. Use choppers with lid :P And after chopping open it in balcony or near window.


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