9 January 2016

She is a million dollar!

Straightforward women may come off as too dominating or too strong. They might also be labelled as heartless and ruthless. Sometimes, that might be true but that is not the only truth about such women. No one likes to be called that and if someone is all right being called all of this and acting like this, they have probably been through something a lot worse that has conditioned them to become this way.

Also, I do not believe there is anything wrong with being straightforward. It actually saves you a lot of time and a many guessing games in the fights you have. If you are in a relationship with a straightforward woman, it might seem like the hardest thing to take initially but when you start comparing your relation with others, you will be thankful that your woman is straight forward.

Such women keep it hard to forget and let go of things till they take it out of their system and put it right on the table. They feel the urge to tell you out loud the mistakes you have made and they will not hesitate.

A fight with such a woman is like fighting with your best friend. You let it all out, your friend accepts their mistakes and you except yours.

They will easily get offended if you try and change things about them. They don’t like to be told that they need to change. Though, if it is something presented with a logical explanation and not as an order, they will give it an honest thought. Other than that, they will treat it as a threat to their true self.
Such women will also love you for who you are truly. They will not try and change the core part of you and they will understand if you decide not to change.

Most importantly, they never take things to their hearts! They will not hold a grudge against you if you are brutally honest because they know the true meaning of being straightforward .

If you have a straightforward woman in your life, cherish her. She is saving you from a load of drama.

Someone who stands for what they love will stand for you as well !!


  1. Where do u copy all this from?

  2. I think assertive women also get very little breaks from society. A male boss might be "mean" but a woman boss can be "a bitch". Funny enough I've heard women say they didn't like women bosses. I never really minded, the worst boss I ever had was a man.

    1. Ha ha true ...my bosses were all men and they were awesome!
      Thanks for visiting my blog

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments :) I can be straightforward in some situations, others I have learned to tame my tongue so to speak and keep my views to myself. I think though making one's needs known is essential and if that makes one be assertive, then it is a good thing.


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  5. I deleted my other comment because for some reason the blog published the same comment twice :)


  6. Ha ha that's ok Betty ! Thanks for leaving a comment.
    God bless
    Love ,

  7. Haha :D true..less drama

  8. If someone has a problem with a straightforward woman, then maybe they need to find someone else.


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