21 January 2016


Two days back I switched off the wifi at home . Crazy isn't it ? But that's ok . I had my laptop to do the work for my earning . I thought that will do ! And my friends had my phone numbers with them . So if anything urgent they will definitely call me .

So it was not difficult to live without Internet ,in fact I was feeling good .

Just wanted to let you all know what I did without the wifi in my life .

Our friend came home with his car and we went for a drive .
We had  some raw avocados and coconuts .
Went to the bank to get some pending papers done .
Checked in few hotels .
Heard few songs .
Cleaned the bedroom .
Watered the plants .
Cleaned the shoe rack .
Went to the airport to receive a friend and had some coffee there .

There is so much to add in .....

But doing all these I dint even take a selfie because I just wanted everything real and dint wanted to touch my phone and show faces  . I left my phone in the car itself .

A day without what's app , Facebook , skype, camera 360 was much better .

I do understand that it's difficult without all these but once in a while it feels awesome !

There are so many things that happen around you .

Try it if possible and feel good !


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    I post now at http://gailatthefarm.blogspot.com/


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