18 January 2016

Happy me !

So this morning once I returned from the hospital and stepped home ,my phone beeped and it was an email saying

 Congratulations! "Google Adsense application has been approved " .

 I was super happy .It might be a small blog but I was super happy about it and sent the screenshots to few of my best friends and posted it in Facebook as well .Happiness is to be shared !

I wanted to let know how I started this blog . When I was working with Cognizant for the smart meter team  I had a friend( karthik) of mine who reads a lot and is super active at work .He was like all time reading and such a positive person. Once when we went to the pantry for some tea we started talking about his blog and continued our work . He asked me do you have a blog ? I was like no I don't have . He told me I will help you with it and that's how I started my blog in 2011. I don't have contact with him much  because he left his job and moved to an other country and its just like pinging hi bye when we get time in our busy schedule . He did publish a book recently. Hoping he will look into my blog from an other corner of the world . . .

Then comes my 11 th grade friend(Satya) . I was doing my science and she was in the commerce class . But before I got seat for my science class I was put in commerce for a week so that's how I found her and few others who are still so lovable friends . I always love that school and the commerce class students . Had real good times there.

After our studies we left to different places for higher studies and work . Got back in touch via Facebook and started talking about few things and the blog. I told her that my blog is so small I don't know how to improve it give me some ideas . So we used to chat from Dubai - Bangalore . Her blog is simply awesome and she helped me with many ideas and she looks into my blog and pings me how it was .

So these two people should be thanked forever . I have been taught that you are not going to lose anything by the word "thanks " and I really thank you guys.

You made me happy !

Above all these I married a media planner (Naveen)who has dedicated his life for advertising and he is like super happy for my blog . Got to see him once he comes home after work .
Planning to make some extra sugar coffee for him ! Lolzz

Celebrate every moment of your life !

Small things means a lot in life .

Hugs and love,


  1. Small things ONLY means a lot in life.. Because they bring big happiness which is immeasurable. Today I am happy too because someone attributes their happiness to me.. There is no feeling like it... As I said, I really dont think I deserve to be thanked. I was just being what a friend should be. Your dedication matters... You deserve it dear... Wishing you more happiness... Regardless of how big or small it is...

    Keep blogging... :)

    1. Hey thanks a lot !
      Hoping all good come for u
      Hugs hugs ! đŸ˜˜

  2. That's wonderful indeed, and something to be happy about. Hope you keep improving on your blogs and everything else. Best wishes!

  3. Small things mean everything! Congratulations, Shilpa!

  4. Hi Shilpa!

    I can't ever recall if anyone ever thanked me so genuinely in all my life! It's immense pleasure to see you grow and to know that I had been a stepping stone to it!


    1. Hi Karthik,

      Thanks so much for looking into my blog . I always cherish our friendship and wanted to thank you for the blog . I have no clue where you are or what's up from your end .Do inbox me your contact details to my g mail . Hope you have my id .Take care

    2. My Next Blog Post will be a tribute dedicating to you ;)
      #Gratitude Still Alive


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