31 January 2016

Star birthday

What's a star birthday ?

I always have two birthdays the star birthday and the date birthday when  . On my star birthday it's just that we do a pooja in the temple and my mum will make some sweets at home. New dress is for sure ! But then I never tried finding what is a star birthday ! It's today that I wanted to know what it is .
In simple words  your star birthday is your birthday using the Hindu calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar. Hindu calendars are traditionally used to derive entire individual horoscopes. I don't want to add more to this because it's like an ocean there is so much to read and understand to get a clear picture .

So two birthdays in a year and two new dresses!

Birthdays ... Own it ! 


  1. Belated birthday greetings if 31st January happens to be your star birthday.I feel cake would be cut only on calendar birthday while star birthday has more religious slant.Blessings

  2. Thank you so much ! Yes you are correct ! Hope you know how it works .


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