16 January 2016

You got to speak !

Normally they say if you have good scores you can excel in your career and that's why you tell your kids to study well and keep pushing him /her all the time. I will never do it . But I will definitely teach them manners and how to talk English and I am done . The rest they will learn by themselves  .Let me tell you that I am an average student with a single degree in hand . I never accept the fact that scores can give you a good career and life .I have seen people in my college who scored 90% and dint know to talk English and they failed in most of the interviews.They used to make fun of me saying you will speak only in English ha ?because I studied in a place where English speaking people were less. I believe that English is not an easy language .You can never learn it by writing or reading . You got to open your mouth and talk only then you can learn English . Most of them don't do it because they are afraid whether they will sound bad and make grammar mistakes . They never realize that you got to make mistakes to learn something for lifetime.If you know the basic English the accent comes by its own, you can do it  . Trust me, I have never got a job with my scores I have always earned it with my tongue ! I have cleared all the interviews that I attended only with the English and basic mannerism which was taught to me at home.

English is an awesome language if you love it ! 

Start speaking and make mistakes . 

You will never regret in  later part of life when you fly high ..

Take that leap,catch your dreams and create histories !

Your life got to be worth watching !At least for your self .

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