19 January 2016

Are you ?

There is no word called "perfect "for me . And the key to any venture is even simpler ,you have to start.

Just start !

It's great to plan, it's great to have a bit of perfectionist that makes you want to have high standards in life .I'm not saying throw away all your standards and create something else ,but don't let those standards get in the way of you actually creating "something."

I am not a perfectionist .I just prioritize my needs and complete it .

Are you a perfectionist?
How has it helped you ?


  1. Am not a perfectionist. I just go with the flow☺

    1. Awesome ! Got to be like that ... Accept the reality and move on

  2. the biggest trouble is often the starting trouble only! :)

  3. Wow this one really causes one to think about the task of a perfectionist which I am not Im too creative to be charting my course but in my profession there was never a moment that I didn't triple check my work (that is not an exaggeration). As a nurse, I felt if your child's life was on my watch then I better be extra certain of my actions ( I consider that detail not perfection).

    1. I worship doctors and nurses
      You are all living gods according to me !
      Thanks for posting in ur comments
      Happy day !


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