24 January 2016

Funny bread pudding

I don't eat sugars in my life but I love making one and offering others. A friend of mine has a son and he loves the sandwiches that I make with the beetroot, potatoes, tomato,lettuce and some sauces . If I am going to his house he calls me and tells to bring some sandwiches. Like wise I tried making some "funny bread pudding"
I know that kids always need a difference in whatever they eat. It can be funny, creative or might be your own receipe .
So here is what I made .

I mixed 2 tablespoons of fresh cream,strawberry crush and honey in a yellow bowl.

In an other green bowl poured some Milk and kept it aside.

Chopped two bananas and kept aside

1.Dipped the bread in the milk bowl so that it gets soaked and softens.

2.Placed it over the chopped bananas

3.Spread a layer of fresh cream , strawberry crush and honey mixture over the bread slice.

4.Spread some more chopped banana and repeat layers if you want .

I stopped with one layer....

The scrumptious bread pudding is ready !!!

End of the day you got to make healthy food !
Every kid is different.

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