23 January 2016

Your friend ...

This morning I woke up at 3:00 am to drop my husband for work . After I was back home I made some coffee ,fed the fishes which I have at home and I was thinking about friends, relationships etc etc .

Wanted to pen it because I still got time to start my work .

Being friendly and communicative is not easy . You might have many friends but then you can't be the same to all and vice versa.Each people differ . How far you take the friendship matters a lot . Having one good trustworthy friend is a great thing these days . And if you have someone like that hold them with you for the rest of your life . You might have many friends on Facebook or an any other social networking sites . It doesn't mean they all are your friends . You know them...that's all . Out of your 300-400 friends list ,you can find 5 numbers  .Always find the right one .

If you ask me I always prefer fairly transparent people as my best friends . Too much transparent is risky at times.

When I ask how are you? I don't want to know the latest illness in your cousins husbands grandfathers mothers family !! Lol

There is a lot of difference between a formal question and genuine concern.
-Say what you mean, mean what you say .

When it comes to friendship or whatever relationship that 'occasional  mistake' may happen but have the humility to acknowledge you slipped ,apologize and change !

Whom you have as a friend makes a change in your life.

I believe

~A good friend knows all your best stories .
A best friend has lived them with you ~

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