29 January 2016

Brother !

If you have a brother you have everything in this world . Let him be younger or elder , doesn't matter . If he is elder he will behave too serious , if he is younger he will act as if he is so serious . lol 
You play with them when you are young but as days pass by they are going to stand by you for everything under the world . If you have a brother like that take care of him. He loves his sisters and he will do anything for them . For him sisters are an other side of his mother . If anything happens to you he can't bear it . He might not be rich but till the end he does the best he can do for you  . He is the only one for you ! 
Brothers will always keep you happy ! They just need  a smile on your face ! 
Love your brother ! 
He needs you always ..


  1. Replies
    1. Welcome bro ! You are a brother whom I have never met . Hope we will meet soon .

  2. I never had a brother, something I wish I had!

    1. I understand how you feel ! Sisters are also great ...so don't worry !


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