2 January 2016

Keep surfing

It takes a lot of courage to stand on what you believe!
This year is an other normal year for me . I don't believe in resolutions because I know its entirely different from what we do everyday ! I believe in "love what you do and be who you are" .An year doesn't make big changes . It's just that when time favors everything falls in place .
2015 was not an awesome year for me but I learned so much from all the sufferings I went through.
And one among them was eat what you like and be different.Its easy when you see from outside and criticize but, you need to wear those shoes and run to know how it feels .
Nothing worth having comes easy .
Hoping more good to happen this year for you all .

Have a  fit life ahead !
Many small  drops make an ocean !

Find the right wave to surf ,and look back only to see how far you have come ...


  1. i don't believe in resolutions either. that's saying we are not happy with ourselves or trying to change who we naturally are!! i am happy just the way i am. nice thoughts and quotes!!!!

  2. Now that's some spirit to start the year ahead!! Wooohoo!!!! XD

    1. Thank you 😀never expected your comment here ! Feeling great ..

  3. Hello, I do not make resolutions. I guess you could say i am happy the way I am right now. Great post. Enjoy your new week!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog !
      Wish u a great year ahead and happy blogging


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