6 January 2016

End o no !

When I saw you for
The first time on that dj night
I never knew I would love you
And I never knew I would meet u again
I dint know that I would marry you and live my whole life loving you
You are the best that ever happened in my life
I realized that I can't even take eyes off you
That moment when I said I love and went inside would always be an unforgettable one till I die.
So I closed my eyes for all our bad and when I opened you were next to me with that same smile and a lovely kiss
I never knew I would see you again and that's how I went inside
I never knew that it's only your name I would blabber
I couldn't take my eyes off you
I was afraid of leaving you and going in
But after all the hardships
I love seeing you again n continuing my life with you
You are the best and I madly love you
Without you my life would have gone dark !
Now I believe why we were meant to meet each other
And my love for you keeps increasing day by day ..
I love the dark bearded man !
And there is  none like you in this world
And none who would love you as I do !
Hoping good times together soon.


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