1 February 2016


I do own a splinter that gives me no rest ,
The one that prevents me from often doing my best .
This splinter causes constant discomfort,
Wherein I can't even shout .
The pain might not be physical
But exist it certainly does
It's an unknown fear
And the constant annoying buzz
The one which I don't want in my life
I wanted to push it away .
The one which is unfortunate to stay here .
I wish I could pull it out ,If only I knew where .
It lies hidden between feelings I just can't share .
It pierces deep within me
And re confirms its presence .
It pops out when I don't expect it .
Then maybe this splinter can be my savior too ,
For if I know what is the cause
Then I know the solution too
One day I will may it disappear
That it can never re appear !  

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