5 February 2016

Genuinely ...

We are not supposed to judge anyone.
But I have been with some really genuine people so thought of posting few things I realized .
Genuine people are always busy reading ,studying or having experience that help them grow and understand life.
They also try understanding people around them.
They always tell you what you 'need to hear 'than what you 'want to hear ' .
They are courageous.It doesn't mean they are ok with sky diving or bungee jumping but if there is a problem they will give you a rope to hold on .
They always like to be with the same kind of people .
Genuine people have as many bad days than you but they always put up a smile on their face and move on .
They have the inner happiness of being true to themselves(the sarcastic world doesn't matter )

Have one genuine friend and that's enough for a lifetime . They seem to be weird but they are the best !   


  1. Interesting Reflection. I was in the hospital, so my heartfelt thanks for your visit to my blog, only today.


    1. Hope you are fine now . I loved your namaste!
      Thanks for your comment


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