9 February 2016

The 9 wishes on feb 9

So it's my birthday today ! What's special ? Me surviving in this world is the greatest gift .
This birthday is very special because Facebook dint play its role.Last night I removed my birthdate from my account . I did it because I dint want any fake wishes or a one liner wish with a smiley at the end .Even if it was few wishes I wanted it from them and wanted it to be real .
To be honest I had a peaceful birthday with a small cake and a candle ! I loved the silk saree surprise from naveen .Naveen love you for it !  My love for silk is never ending. The live skype cake cutting was simply awesome . I loved the nuts and black current cake with some cherries in it .

I wanted to post few messages which I received from the most lovely people around me . You all made my day !!

Out of 500+ friends in social networks you people made me feel special ! You are the real friends !!

Life is simple and awesome without facebook.
A big thanks for all the imo and direct calls !School friends you made my day !
The best birthday ever !!


  1. Meeeee <3 HappiE BirThDaY OncE AgaiN DarlinG :×

  2. Meeeee <3 HappiE BirThDaY OncE AgaiN DarlinG :×

    1. Thanks kakooo .. I m taking your comment as the birthday gift! Lol
      Busy man 😝

  3. Ha ha... So sweet deaa.... 😆

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Hilary
      Take care

  5. I think you did the right thing by disabling your Birthday notification in FB. Those few people who are close to you and mean the world to you will anyways remember it... Hope you have a great year ahead! Belated Happy Birthday!


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