12 February 2016

Resume flies !

So today I got a new friend from Egypt who is looking out for a job at Dubai . He is a teacher as well as a developer, interesting ! He was talking about the rents , tax, hangout places in Dubai , cars ,living style ,sharing rooms , money what not ? It's very rare that you see genuine people these days while texting . Meeting someone like this after a long time . He even told me about the job offers he has now in Dubai as well as Europe and asked few questions about my career and life at Dubai . A healthy conversation indeed .
He ended up with 'I liked thinking with you and thanks for your time 'Good night !

A good day ! When you have someone who talks to you worthy you feel the day went well .

Post in your views .


  1. Ha ha,. Gud.. Even im lookin fr a job der in Dubai.. Kindly lemme knw.. Lol .:) :)

    1. I have your resume . Let's hope for the best !


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