13 February 2016

Thank god!

When I hear someone say
I am all alone
I feel to ask them
I am alone from the age of 14
What would you say for that ?

When someone tells me
They don't have money
I feel to ask them
I have been without money
From the age of 14
And I started working
At the age of 18
What would you say for that?

Did you ever be alone ?
Did you ever eat out for years ?
Did you ever go for work at 18?
Did you ever educate your siblings ?
Did you ever go for night shifts ?
Did you ever pay for yourself ?
Did you ever stay in a hostel ?
I did all these

So if you have not done any of these ...
God has kept you well for a life time
Be blessed and thank god !!


  1. You've taken control of your life so well that it would be difficult even for you to think such things were your past

    1. Thanks ! Your words made my day . But then even now i have it in . Should remember the past always ! Sometimes people with the worst past make good futures ! And I am an example . But It's sleepless years it took for me to sleep few hours now in my life . Much more to achieve ! Hope you know me . Your genuine comment made me remember those days and I cherish it ! Those years without sleep and food !

  2. Tat ws touchin akka., luv u 😘


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