23 February 2016

That House !

They say dreams are always an indication or siren that god gives you before something happens in life .They also say that your early morning dreams will come true .Few believe in dreams and few dont .I personally dont believe in dreams ,what i think about before sleeping comes in as a dream for me .

But the dream that i had yesterday was so beautiful.If i couldn't remember it and pen it here imagine how much it should have meant to be .I still couldn't take it off my head.

It was in my old house where i lived 13 years back .Its a small village with 150 houses made up of bricks and odu(I am not sure what you call it in english ),My house had 8 rooms with a bedroom upstairs.We had a farm of 3500 sq.feet .I planted coconut trees ,plantains.jackfruit ,Mango tree,gooseberry and many other small flowering plants.We get nearly 100 coconuts every month from the tree and we dry it and give it in the mill so that we get the pure coconut oil.The smell of the jack fruit and mango still gives me happiness .We had a well which had steps inside and i used to sit there and study .There was a swing tied to the mango tree,so that i can play with my siblings and friends .I remember climbing the gooseberry tree and plucking it .The memories of having it with salt and chilli powder ..wow!We had so many love birds as well.All these together makes me feel like being in heaven .There were so many fishes inside the well .I used to feed them everyday.We had an elephant in our house as a pet .I remember the elephant lifting its leg and i used to climb on it and sit on the sack..We tie him on the banyan tree which is near to the river.

I left this place 13 years back and i live in Dubai now .
When i step out its a lane of vehicles .
If i open the window its full of dust .
I dont know my neighbors .
I dont even see a plant here .
I dont get flowers.
I dont get the smell of pure coconut oil,those flowers and those fruits .
I can only think of it now.

That heavenly place !!

I dont regret for being here.I do enjoy this as well.Its the dream which took me back to good old school days .

So the dream was simple ..I was in that house watering the plants and and the farm was colourfull with bloomed flowers ,fruits ,vegetables what not ?

Though i live here .I always wanted to go back to a place like this .So i bought a house in the same place so that i can live my life there when i get old .I spent all my savings for that house but i never regret for it. I know that i can make money anytime but not that same house .

Adding few pics of the place where i lived once and gonna spend my old age hopefully ...

Do post in what you feel ..

Dreams keep you alive !! Grow plants and have pets !

Its a different world !


  1. Miss India soooo much. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    1. Though we all live in different countries for various reasons we all miss info at some point of time .

  2. Nothing like our native... No place like the place where we grew up...
    PS: Odu is called tiled roof in English

    1. True .. Thanks for the tiled roof word ! Now I got it ..


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