Question ? No !

Few things that i went through while doing a job search few years back.Thought of sharing with you guys.

Never ask a person what is his/her nationality?It doesn't help in any way with regards to the job that you are gonna offer .Its your Brain and hands thats gonna do the work .Not the 'nationality' .

Never ask why he/she doesn't have a profile pic .You need not see the face to give a job.You offer a job for the knowledge not for the beauty.

Dont ask whether you live with your husband ? that too after seeing the martial status as 'married'.Obviously she will be living with here husband .If not she will update the martial status .Dont worry about it .

P.S  I am happy that nobody asks when are you gona have a kid ?.They do ask this in India !If i knew the answer i would be the living god ...:)

Never dare to ask this Question !!

Do post in your views and similar experiences if you have been a victim :)


  1. people can really ask stupid questions.

    1. Yes they do ! When they have a seat they forget what to ask and what not to. All these were asked to me .

  2. Shilpa, I remember an incident which you told 😁

    1. Ha Ha ! honestly i dont remember what i told you .Whats app me :).Thanks for looking into my page

  3. Really, I was always asked if I would be able to work after having kids (though I am still unmarried). I mean, I am unmarried then hw can I say what would happen after babies!

    Good one!

    1. So once you get married they will ask when u will have kids ... Don't worry . Be ready with the answer 😝I am happy that they dont ask that in Dubai . 1000 thanks to the lord ... Ha ha


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