16 February 2016

Rich man

I looked at the stars and moon outside 
They are bright and beautiful 
I pondered for a while 
They never complained about ,
Doing the same thing.
They never fail on reflecting the sunlight 
And shining down on us .
They never get tired and have 
Always been satisfied .
They just shine and shine all night long,
And admired by people's sight ,
Always take light as the sun ignites.
I realized now that we are not poor 
There is no thing as poor,
unless you think of yourself as one.
Just like the stars and moon 
Never complain .
Satisfaction can make 
A man rich ! 


  1. Well said! Concept of rich and poor is relative indeed.

  2. Lovely conveyed... We cannot run always behind something and content is a feel keep us away to cherish what we hold. How many time we have stared, stars and moon never cease to amaze!

    1. True ! Thanks for looking my page . Keep visiting . Take care


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