20 February 2016

8 years compiled in 6 lines .

Writing a summary is the most difficult thing I would say . It's like you got to compile years into a paragraph. Yesterday evening I was sitting with my linked in account to update it . I never knew it would take nearly 6 hours to update a summary . I had to go through many concerned summaries to know how it looks like and how it should be put in . After all the work that I did I managed to make my own summary with 6 lines. Summaries should always be short and sweet . If you know know to write a good summary you are talented. So after writing the summary it was tired and I hit the bed .
Everyday is a learning !
Good night .


  1. Writing summaries can be difficult indeed. Warm greetings!

    1. True .Finding the apt words and forming sentences was difficult to an extent .


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