7 February 2016

Just a doodle

I have the habit of writing letters upside down and in reverse . So I was thinking what to do with it and scribbling in a paper . Got bored after a while . I had my black marker pen and a paper in my bag . I took it and just doodled. And this is what I ended up with ! Never waste time . Keep doodling and it's fun .

Let me know how it is ?


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  2. #Funky #Arsty #AbstractArt #DoodleQueen.
    You should do more of these.. They're awesome!

  3. whoa! u doodle really well and this looks so damn neat too!

    1. This is my first try ever ! Thank you .. Practicing few these days

  4. This looks so neat and perfect... You are a talented one dear!


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