28 February 2016

Not to do note

How many of you write personal diaries ? I am sure that most of the girls do except me .The most interesting would be the college days diaries .
I never had the habit of writing what's happening in my life , I keep it to my heart . I never wanted to write and someone else to read it . I wanted everything in my life to be personal .But I definitely  write what I spend . Let it be a penny I write it before I go to bed .End of the month I need not wonder where all my money went ??
There is something else that I do . That's called 'how to be yourself" and what am not supposed to do . Now you may think that I can do anything I want . Who is gona stop ? True ...

But I did have a 'not to do list' and I do follow it .

To- do's ,while a great tool that improves your chances for success only get you half way there . To-dont's takes you rest of the way !

Try writing what you are not supposed to follow and feel the difference .

It keeps your life in peace

Post in your views ..


  1. Great and interesting thoughts indeed, may give it a go sometime -to dont's!

  2. hey tats a gr8 idea to keep a do-not do list..

    1. It might be easy to write . But it's difficult to follow a do not list . But do try n let me know

  3. I have diaries, journals, and planners.

  4. I used to write diary..
    "Not To Do" List sounds interesting!

    1. Yaaa write and feel the difference ! A not to do list ..


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